Lockdown in the UK is setting us challenges to keep committed to the ways to wellbeing and other routes to good mental health.

Image from www.signals.org.uk

Whilst opportunities to connect are largely restricted to online methods, there is great potential to maximise some of the others. The chance to get involved with some learning has been beneficial to many. I speak from experience here as I (very slowly) get to grips with German. However, being active through exercise and activity has seen an increased uptake with Sport England reporting a surge in appreciation and activity during the first lockdown.

My good friend primary school teacher Pete Kelly is looking to promote the advantages of physical activity next month. His live streamed workout for children from reception to year six on Friday 5th February involves all five of the wellbeing tools shown above. From the actions of being active, learning new fitness tricks and noticing the virtual world, he’s also encouraging connection through bringing together pupils from across Liverpool. As he says

“Exercise plays a huge role in maintaining good mental health but it is also fundamental in bringing people together from all different backgrounds and communities, allowing them to share their experiences and help one another through what has been a very difficult and challenging situation for so many people across our city.”

The set is completed through ‘give’ as he encourages participants to support St Andrew’s Community Network who run the North Liverpool Foodbank.

What I am finding crucial to maintaining hope and motivation is seeing how people are responding to challenges positively. Pete’s example is a lesson (pun intended) of how some innovation and help others and put a smile on faces.

To sign up for the live workout challenge, visit donorbox.org/liverpoolschoolsliveworkout

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