Starting 2022 with an exercise a day to develop

mindfulness for cricket and life…

The benefits of mindfulness to health and wellbeing have been shown by much research  but knowing where to start with it can be daunting. Our intention is to give small tasks that can be fitted in across any day, no matter how busy. Given the practice aids focus and concentration, key mental skills in cricket, we’re hoping this introduction can give value in pre season and beyond.

Each suggested activity does not take long and has been selected to blend in with your usual routine. This reinforces the idea that a practice of mindfulness can be easily added to give benefit to you. A key intention throughout is to encourage attention on the present moment, recognising when the mind is drifting away from it. Doing so gives us opportunties to be less distracted and more in tune with what is happening.

For many, including the Opening Up team, embedding mindfulness in what you do has an overwhelmingly positive impact.

Thanks for taking an interest and we hope it starts off a great 2022 for you!