We don’t need to dwell on 2020 too much to realise it’s been different. When the club season finally arrived in the UK it came with sanitation breaks, altered formats and uncertainty. There’s definitely been a feeling that we’ve missed out on something.

For Ashley Bradbrook at Warwickshire based Hunningham CC this made him think.

“I saw a few people doing challenges during lockdown and gathered inspiration from them to take on one myself and make a difference. After dreaming of something similar I woke up and text a couple of the lads and said I wanted to do this to challenge myself and have an achievement from the rollercoaster year we’ve had”

The challenge he refers to is to run around the boundary of the club continuously for 24 hours. Ashley has the company of six team mates to share the work with but it is still a huge feat being attempted. He is in the mood to get going though.

“It just fits perfectly. We’re close to Opening Up as a club but also as friends. Running around the boundary not only involves cricket but physical and mental challenges. We’ve had a great response from friends inside and out of cricket and knowing the money will go towards making a difference to cricketers around the country is ideal”

A bond through the sport gives the group a belief they can get through it. 

“The night time hours will be particularly difficult but we will have support during the day to push us along. The 1st XI will have a game during the afternoon which will provide some much needed entertainment!”

Love of the game and all that comes with it is at the core of what they will be putting themselves through. The recent challenges have acted as a reminder of the benefits we get from weekends sharing the same green space with our friends.

“It’s a big thing to all of us. We’ve been at the club playing for 15+ years each and always dedicated our summer Saturdays to it. That’s testament to the atmosphere and fun we have together- even with lots of changes in our lives, Hunningham is a constant”

You can support the challenge here

Mark Boyns